• Jemma

Why did I create Her Future Moves?

Her Future Moves is pretty new.

It's less than 3 months old - and now we've got two Facebook Communities (Cocktail Hour - Career Discussion and Coffee Club Entrepreneur Discussion) and a killer website.

We have TWO new events this month (Kickass Speaker Event and Werk-It Baby Workshop)... and such a GORGEOUS bunch of women who have been commenting, messaging and sharing loads about what's going on in their professional lives.

The conversations are amazing. It's FREAKING AWESOME!

It's pretty crazy - I certainly didn't expect this! We are all truly just figuring it out as we go along- which is scary and exhilarating.

Sometimes I get anxious about putting myself 'out there' in the HFM community (I make a lot of videos for the Closed FB Groups).

But then I remember why I started Her Future Moves. I wanted to create the supportive space that I wish I had years ago. A place to be vulnerable and not feel stupid for asking questions. And honestly, I still need this space now.

For those of you who missed the first HFM event, I shared a little about my story. I've been practicing my public speaking skills - and recorded the speech for a learning exercise.

As our second event is coming up this Public Holiday Monday 11th June.. (get tix here if you haven't already!) - I was looking at the footage of the first event and thought this would be a good video to share with all the ladies who have now joined the HFM Community.

Check it out below.

Can't wait to see you on Monday at the Stamford Plaza for our second event, which is all about thinking strategically about your next steps.


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