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Who cares about Blockchain? YOU DO!

There’s a fancy-sounding educational event (part of Entrepreneurial Week) called the Blockchain Symposium – something I am DYING to go to, but also a little nervous about attending.

Why? Well hearing about new technology is intimating!

Just when we got our minds around IGTV, crypto-currencies and storing everything in the ‘cloud’ – we have to hear about something else? Well yes, we do.

Because technology is dynamic. It’s always changing, evolving and improving.

This is a good thing! It results in cool things like PayPal, E-tickets and Zoom Meetings. (Yay, nobody knows you’re wearing fluffy slippers whilst on a conference call! SCORE.)

Trust me, you’re going to want to be on the forefront with other tech improvements as they change the way we do business in this increasingly global economy.

Flinders University has a special department that is dedicated to enabling businesses, educators entrepreneurs and well – just about everyone, to THRIVE in these changing times. It’s called the New Venture Institute (NVI).

They hold various events throughout the year; including info sessions, workshops and programs, that help you upskill yourself for what’s coming in the tech and startup world (and understand better what’s already here!). It’s a safe place to get the facts about what’s going on from people who actually know. (Sorry Uncle Frank, you’re great at poker but save your Bitcoin babble for someone else.)

What is Blockchain?

It’s a piece of technology made up of lots of numbers and equations. It’s so long and confusing that only special computers can encrypt and decrypt the messages. When lots of these are put together, they become very valuable (like E=MC2 is valuable, so are these other strings of codes and numbers).

It’s hard to fully comprehend Blockchain, but vital to have a general understanding of how it works as it may affect your business very soon.

What’s the dealio with the Blockchain Symposium?

The Symposium is an event with some EXPERTS sharing about what blockchain is and how it effects industries. They will discuss ICO, which stands for Initial Coin Offering (how businesses are exchanging crypto-currencies and how that computer code translates to real money). This will give you an understanding of how it will affect you and how you run your business.

Won’t it just be full of IT peeps who are using long words that nobody knows?

Think about it, this is event has been CREATED SPECIFICALLY TO UPSKILL YOU, not special Information Technologists, but YOU. That’s why it’s actually affordable and not a 10-day conference in Tahiti with Elon. (Wouldn’t that be nice? But also would definitely be full of IT nerds and confusing acronyms.)

Why should you go?


  1. When you’re sick, you don’t just Google your symptoms to diagnose your illness! You see a doctor! Well – you shouldn’t just Google ‘How will Blockchain affect my business’ and believe everything you read! Talk to the friggin’ experts!

  2. There is an INTERACTIVE MASTERCLASS, so you can explore how this technology affects your specific business model, product or service. This is a nice and gritty hands-on session with the speakers, led by Bert Verhoeven (New Venture Institute’s Head of Entrepreneurial Programs). You can’t get this anywhere else.

  3. Hear awesome ladies speak! It’s not just a bunch of guys telling us what to do:

This Symposium has fierce female leaders sharing with us!!!

- Katrina Donaghy: Cofounder of Civic Ledger and passionate about how Governments and Cities can use Blockchain to kick ass! Kartina also organises Women in Blockchain events to help peeps like us.

- Dr Pip Ryan: Founding member of UTS’ Blockchain Creative Cluster. Pip researches the fickle and twisty relationship between businesses, trust and Blockchain technology (a nasty threesome, I’m sure!).

Give me something more! Like a DISCOUNT CODE!

Ok, you twisted my arm. The NVI has a special offer for us!

The first 5 HFMers to buy tickets can get 25% off the Masterclass portion of the day, using this code: HFM25YEAH

Once they’re gone (and it won’t take long!) you can use this code for 10% off the entire day’s sessions: DayDiscount10

So book your place here!

Confused? Me too.. but we’ll figure it out. That’s what these sessions are for. 😊

I’ll see you there!

Ps: My best advice to get your head around the importance of this new tech stuff is to watch this video for 5-10 minutes… it’s hilarious, but better than that – it’s simple.

(Start at 3m55m to hear about Bitcoin and at 6m44 he talks about Blockchain.. WORTH THE WATCH!). xx

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