• Jemma

When 'Winging It' is bad.

When something important at work comes up, do you ever just 'wing it'?

I did and I screwed it up.

I learned that for me, 'winging it' can sometimes be an indicator that I'm bored.

Many years ago I had to make a presentation on front of a group.

I prepped for hours! I was nervous, but ultimately did a good job.

A few years later I found myself in the same situation, presenting again in front of this group. I was more confident by then, almost cocky. I figured I had done this before and didn't see the value in preparation. Internally I thought the presentation was a waste of time too. So I got up and did my speech off the cuff.

Clearly it was a waste of time.. because I was SHOCKINGLY BAD.

Somewhere in myself I had forgot that this presentation was an opportunity to give value to others. The presentation wasn't about me! It was FOR THEM. How did I forget this?! Just because it wasn't exciting for me, didn't mean it wasn't exciting for them.

After the event I questioned myself.

Years earlier this opportunity was a big deal to me. Why didn't I care anymore?

That's when I first thought my comfort zone could be hindering me.

I made a mental note to start planning my next steps.

Have you ever Winged something at work that turned out wrong?

What happened? Did it teach you something about yourself?

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