• Jemma

What your CV should look like in 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

I'm not gonna lie.. I HATE updating my resume!

It takes hours and I never feel like it's very good.

I'd much prefer to scroll through The Iconic and add things to the shopping cart that I'm never actually intend to buy.. (don't judge, we all do it!).

Anyone else feel this way about resumes?

Or am I the only one who dreads them with a passion?

I recently went on the job hunt and I needed to improve my CV asap.

At first it really sucked, but then I got much better at marketing myself and landed a great new job.

I believe in tailoring your CV for every position you apply for. I'm about quality job applications, not quantity.

Here's a cool piece about updating your resume!

Have a kickass night! x ❤️

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