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What does SUCCESS look like?

What does SUCCESS look like?

It's pretty subjective.

Some peeps think it's heaps of moolah in the bank. 💵

Others think it's owning a private plane!✈️✈

May it's just extra time in the day to watch Seinfeld reruns?🕑


Do you think it is: - Being a manager of people? - Making a certain salary? - Being able to make decisions? - A particular a job title? - Or simply enjoying your day-to-day activities?

... Maybe it's just having a job to go to at all.

Why don't you think about what YOUR DEFINITION of professional success is.

Write it down on a little piece of paper. Maybe it's something you already have? Maybe it's a goal you have for the future?

Your definition of professional success will likely change over time. But think about what it looks like to you TODAY.

Trust me. This is fun to look back on later :)


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