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Thinking of doing an MBA? Read this first.

#Education is important. It gives you a seat at the table and propels our future.

But is an MBA (Master in Business) worth it? I've been studying my part-time MBA for a few years (due to finish in Aug 2020).

People often ask if they should do an MBA.

"What job will it get me?" and "Is the piece of paper worth it the money?"

They've missed the point.

It's not what you can GET.

It's about who you BECOME.

Education expands your mind. It transforms who you are, how you think and increases your understanding and capabilities.

One way to achieve this is through higher education.

So yes, you can go on YouTube, listen to podcasts or read books. Get your education elsewhere. Maybe that's the right choice for you. I certainly learn from a variety of sources, not just my coursework.

But if you're still thinking it's about what YOU GET verses who YOU BECOME, I encourage you to change your mindset.

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