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She's Got a Killer Job! (What does she actually do?) - EVENT RECAP

“When have you completely f*cked up?” Yeah – nothing was off-limits at this panel event.

When #BeingReal is more important that #BeingPerfect. That’s the good stuff. That’s HFM.

We want honest, open dialogue about what’s actually happening behind that office door. And we got it! If we wanted the glossy version, we’d have bought a magazine and called it a night.

Lucky for us, the incredible panellists were more than happy to share #TheRealStory. And boy did they open up for us!

Attendees heard from Catherine Roach, Noelle Smit and Tara Bria, who all spoke candidly about their professional lives, personal challenges and their addiction to social media (the struggle is real).

Our discussion went from mismanaging money (profit is different from cashflow, my friends!), to learning more about what these ladies ACTUALLY do, to how not knowing your future plans can be a good thing.


  • Catherine Roach – Manager, Business Advisory at Bentleys SA

  • Noelle Smit – Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Teamgage

  • Tara Bria - Head of The Studio (Adelaide) at Southern Cross Austereo

We touched on risk, what this looks like across different industries, and how we’re all figuring things out along the way. We got real-life examples of professional mistakes (cringe..) and it turns out we all make quite a lot of them. (Who knew we were all human?)

We discussed the immense positive impact outsourcing has on one’s lifestyle and mental health. We chatted about what it feels like to push boundaries, and how we met the people who helped us get there. (*HINT* Go and talk to that intimidating person at the fancy schmancy Conference/Awards Show/Christmas party. You never know where it could lead!)

We touched on being shit scared, decisions we make and how it’s tough but vital to learn new skills (such as public speaking and how to have those tough workplace convos). We learned how to acquire those skills through courses, mentorship and of course, just jumping right in and going for it.

These ladies shared their insights into what helps them be their best selves, whilst grabbing new scary challenges. Nothing was off-limits. We chatted about following your gut, even if it means going against the advice of your colleagues, family and friends. When you’d rather take the risk (knowing you may be eating canned tuna for the next year!) than stay in a comfortable job where you are resting on your laurels… yep, we went there.

We discussed soft-skills, such as communication and leadership, that play a major part in big flashy roles. How asking for help sooner can be just as important as asking for help at all.

A brilliant evening with delicious food – it was a fantastic evening for all involved!

This event was an open-panel discussion. It was facilitated by Jemma Martin and hosted at The Wakefield Hotel.

It was proudly sponsored by CARPE KOKO!, with a special mention to Foyle + Oak.

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