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Rival = Good?

We often hear about the negative impact of envy or being in competition with others.

(Maybe there's a superstar in the office you look up to or are a smidgen jealous of?)

But what about when it goes too far? When you are obsessed with beating them.

It's no longer about the work itself - it's about winning.

I used to have this with a previous coworker.

I would check my work against theirs, to ensure mine was better. Sometimes mine was superior, other times theirs was. It was seemingly harmless until we had to work together on a project. I kept trying to out-do them; which was counter-productive to the task at hand. We were supposed to be working together and I was in competition with my own partner!

After taking a step back I was able to see how my mindset was wrong. It wasn't about them (or me) it was about delivering the best work we could together. We needed to use each other's strengths and focus on teamwork.

When I read Simon Sinek's post about Worthy Rivals it really hit home.

Worthy Rivals can help us improve, as they embody strengths that may be learning opportunities for us!

Do you have someone that you consider a Worthy Rival?

Email me at I'd love to know!


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