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New way to think of FAILURE

Imagine you paid $50,000 for university, but didn't go to any classes and didn't graduate with a degree.

You paid for the education, but learned nothing.

That's what is like when you don't reflect on your failures.

You've paid for lessons but learned nothing.

Start a Failure Resume.

It's like a regular resume, where you post your jobs and what you've learned, except it's about your Failures.

Why do it?

Never mind that Failure and Success are BFFs and inextricably linked.

Put simply:

When you don't reflect on your Failures, you're robbing yourself of learning.

You need to learn in order to succeed - or else, it's dumb luck.

(And, is that really succeeding or a happy reverse victim-of-circumstance?)

The great news is you can start a Failure Resume right now and add to it whenever you like.

Your Failures will reveal new lessons to you at different times in your life.

So take the opportunity. You've already done the hard bit.

Reap the glorious rewards and see how your Failures can make you more successful today.

What lesson have you learned by reflecting on a Failure?


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