• Jemma


I woke up in a bad mood. I was annoyed, not only because I was in a bad mood, but because I would have to mark on my chart* that I didn't wake up with a positive attitude.

This is silly, I know. I was annoyed twice!

Then I looked at the clock. I saw it was only 1.27am and I had more time than I thought I did. I could go back to sleep and get a do-over on my attitude.

I could wake up happy again!

This made me happy! So I nestled under the covers and drifted off, happy I could wake at 5am in a positive mood. And I did.

This is such a silly, and yet insightful, story for me.

We don't need to go back to bed to improve our attitude!

We can do it at any time!


*for those playing along, I have been marking on a chart my mood when I first wake up. A 'tick' if I wake up with a positive attitude. It's not exactly a science, but I notice a difference to my day! :)

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