• Jemma

My $500 Lesson

Around 2 year ago I bought a brand new 50cc scooter. I fell off THAT VERY SAME DAY.

It's embarrassing. I hurt my ribs (not badly) and ended up selling the scooter because it was too big for me. (How had I not noticed that before?! 🤔)

Funny thing is, I fell off when I was stationary! I was practicing riding around our block. My husband rode behind on his motorbike to watch me.

I put my foot down to balance and there was a dip in the road. I'm a small person, and as I fell I held onto the scooter so hard that I pulled it on top of me. It was painful.

My husband helped to make sure I was ok. I was crying as I jumped back on the scooter to ride home again.

After that I didn't ride it for a long time. I was scared. I even had nightmares about it. 6 months later we sold it.

I was embarrassed when I tallied up the cost of this experience. I labelled it as a failure; a waste of time and money. All up with insurance, rego and the sale - we lost $500.

I was upset. My husband said to me,

"After falling off the scooter, the first instinct you had was to get back on and ride home. Even though we were right next to our house, you rode instead of walked. That's resilience. Learning that about yourself is well worth our $500."

Ever since then I think of the AWESOME experience in self-awarenesss that I got for only $500! WOOOHOOOOO.

Life lessons often come down to perspective.

Reframe your failures. They can be your best opportunities for growth!

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