• Jemma

Me. 1 Year Ago. FREAKING OUT.

The first Her Future Moves event was 1 year ago.

I was FREAKING OUT and made a video about it - but I never posted it.

I was FREAKING OUT about the first Her Future Moves event (which was on ANZAC Day 2018).

I'm sharing this because you may be freaking out about something. (It's ok to freak out) BUT DON'T LET IT STOP YOU FROM STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE!!!

Some guy told me that my event was probably not going to go very well. I took it personally and freaked out. Then I got a message from the incredible Kirsty Rismondo and I swear, she was the shining light I needed to feel confident again. (Thanks Kirsty!)

The event was great... and now a year later HFM is going strong (and very soon will be releasing the first on-demand product!).

Don't let the opinions of others derail you from putting your dreams out there!

And also - we don't always know the impact our encouragement has on other people. Kirsty sure made a BIG difference to me. xx

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