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Life REBOOT. 5 Tips!

Life Reboot. It's time.

Okay ladies, it’s the beginning of 2020 and you have a chance to start again! Maybe you already have a handle on what you want to accomplish this year. Maybe you haven't thought about the particulars yet.. Either way, you know you want to have a kickass 2020 and are ready to put some plans into gear.

Firstly, don’t worry about your future happiness. The great news is that you control your own future. In fact, you are creating every moment of it by your actions right now.

You can absolutely ensure a bright, happy and healthy future by taking control of what's important to you.

You’ve heard people say, “Put your money where your mouth is” – well, let’s switch it up to “Put your time where your dream is”. You can totally put some action into place, starting right now.

Here's a chance to wipe that slate clean and take action on some ideas to play for your future. Afterall, it's up to you to ensure it's a good one! So let’s get crackin’!

1) What do you want?

In a year or two, what will you look back on and be proud of? Great healthy relationships? More money in that bank account? A passport with a few cool stamps in it? A blog with 100 posts about thought provoking issues? Some volunteer work and making a difference to your community? A few more good friends? A new challenging job? Start putting steps in place to get it! What can you do now to get the ball rolling? For example, if you want to live in a new city or county, start researching. What are the requirements for setting up a home or obtaining a working visa? Have you looked online at the jobs or houses in the area? Network online and find some people who already live there with a common interest.

2) Use that gorgeous brain of yours!

Have you got your extra-curriculars down? These are those little weekly additions that seem like nothing, but over time compound into what will set you apart from others in the future. For example, taking a vocabulary class an hour a week to expand your speaking etiquette, or doing an online course to brush up on some workplace skills. I once lost out on a job because I didn’t know how to use Excel! I could’ve done a free online course to prevent that missed opportunity, if only I had thought ahead and prepared for it. What kinds of things do you know you need to get better at in order to succeed at your chosen direction? Not sure? How about a basic marketing certification? Or a business book club? Want a new qualification or course certification? There are heaps of free resources online, meetup groups, podcasts etc. A couple hours a week makes a BIG difference to expanding your knowledge and experience.

3) Are you investing into your relationships?

Relationships take work. You know it – but have you been acting with this in mind? Start now and you will have closer companions in no time! It’s the details. Make a big deal of friend’s birthdays. Send a little note to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Write on a Facebook wall of an acquaintance (hardly anyone writes on walls anymore!). Find out when the next cool free thing is happening in your city and invite 3 other people. Maybe someone from work or school, an interesting friend you don’t see often, and maybe one of your guy friend’s new girlfriend. She’ll appreciate the invite and he’ll be happy she’s included. Embrace some of the opportunities you have sitting in front of you. You’ll only get out what you put in, and asking others to go places and do things will almost always result in a stronger relationship.

4) It’s the F Word. Finances! (Why, what did you think it was?)

If you haven’t started a budget, stop what you’re doing right now and make one! You can find loads of templates online (even Excel has one!). You gotta be a grownup and get real about your financial future. Think about what’s coming in (wages, pocket money – even that fiver granny puts in your birthday card). How much do you really get, and how much do you really spend? Put everything out there. Yes, even the Kombucha addiction! Now… Are you living within your means? Not a fun question, but a realistic one. Many millionaires go broke because they live like billionaires. If you earn $300 a week but live as if you earn $310 a week, you are living outside of your limits. Be smart, think about what you really should spend your hard earned cashola on and stay out of the red! Smart women are financially savvy women.

5) Get your Support Network in place.

When life deals you lemons (which it does to everyone at some time or another) – squeeze those babies hard, make some kickass lemonade and lean on your support network. These are those people who keep your head ‘in check’. They’re the ones who stop you before you punch your boss after a tough day in the office or max out your credit card on a pair of heels that are too high to walk in (yes, we’ve all been there). These people listen and support you with your best interests at heart. They aren’t easy to come by and they come in all shapes, sizes and ages. My support network includes my parents, my partner, a workplace counsellor, and my trusty hairdresser (she lets me get a good venting session every 6-8 weeks!). These people will sometimes tell you the nasty truth when you don’t want to hear it, but – they are invaluable because they stop you from actioning emotionally and doing silly things!

Remember - 2020 will be what you make it.

If you sit back and do nothing, then you will be just a passenger. You need to get into the driver’s seat and put some ideas into action – this way you can really enjoy the ride!


As always, I love hearing from you!

Drop me a line and tell me a great thing that happened in 2019 (or, just say hi!)

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