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Interesting (and scary) post on the News site today... all about the future jobs that may be obsolete.. 😥

⚰️ ☠️⚰️☠️ ⚰️ ☠️⚰️☠️ ⚰️ ☠️⚰️☠️ ⚰️ ☠️⚰️☠️ ⚰️ ☠️⚰️☠️ ⚰️ ☠️⚰️

"Checkout assistants to stockbrokers: Jobs that won’t survive growth of digital economy."

Why do media people always write things in scary ways just to freak us out and sell more papers?! Cos man, I need a one of those fancy drinks like James Bond, wrap myself in

a snuggie and sit near a warm fire rocking back and forth to Enya.


We get it. The digital revolution is coming and we should all be running for the hills, scared and crying.


What helps us is knowing what skills we can get to overcome this big fat mess of awesome that is the Future of Work.

🍨🍧🍡🍪🍩🍦 🍨🍧🍡🍪🍩🍦 🍨🍧🍡🍪🍩🍦 🍨🍧🍡🍪🍩🍦

Ok, if Robert the Robot is going to have my job, then I just need to upskill myself in ways that will help Robert and his buddies be better more effective robots.

That way we all win! Yay!

This scary article mentions jobs that may be obsolete (transactional jobs; think anything a machine can do faster), but also has a FABULOUS quote that saves me from anxiety-eating the whole packet of Tim Tams:

"As machines do more tasks, it will be our non-machine like qualities that will become an advantage."

WHAT?! So being a HUMAN is going to be a SKILL?!?!?

Yes, yes it is.

Robert the Robot can never ever be a human. So what makes us human is valuable and is going to save us. SO WHAT MAKES YOU HUMAN?!

Are you empathetic? Good at solving tough problems? Thinking outside of the box?

What skills make you unique?

We've discussed before how CRITICAL THINKING is the #1 skill needed in the future.

So, are you exercising your brain enough?

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MAKE YOUR BRAIN CELLS do the nasty and multiply!

🎓🧠 🎓🧠 🎓🧠 🎓🧠

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