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Instinct. It's time for a break.


We have it; but do we listen to it? And, how do we know?

When I was younger, I was out of touch with my intuition. I was looking for answers in the wrong places. When I didn't know something, it became a habit to ask others what they thought, even before I asked myself. I held other's opinions above my own, so scared of being wrong or unpopular.

This wasn't just in work places, but in my own life. I made poor choices because others told me what to do and I listened. I wasn't aligned to who I am or who I wanted to become.

It took years to break this down. And when I finally did - wow! How my life drastically improved! I began to trust myself, take chances and become happier than I'd ever known possible. I got to know myself and had to freedom to keep growing and developing.

I have fostered this inner voice over the years. I know it intimately.

A couple years ago I made some other big choices when I payed attention to my gut feeling. I changed my career, made some big lifestyle changes and ultimately, created Her Future Moves.

Owning and trusting my own instincts is something I'm proud of. It's something to be honoured, because backing yourself and staying true to what you think is right, is the most powerful thing a human can do.

I'm not sure why, but my instinct is telling me to stay off social media for a little while. At first I thought it was my Type-A personality getting frustrated at something. I then thought it could be a lack of motivation or business vision. I wasn't sure if it had to do with HFM, or my own social media accounts.. so I took a few months to look into these options and bounced ideas through thinking, conversations and journalling.

After much reflection, I still don't know.

I'm not on social media very much as it is. I'm not stressed about HFM, study, work, my personal life. In fact, I'm happy, healthy and things are great all around.

But it's still there. This instinct telling me to take an extended break.

So I've decided to listen to it, even though I don't know the 'why'. I've realised that I don't need to logically and fully understand the answer to trust my own instincts. If my gut is telling me that I'm better off (and/or that HFM will be better off) with time away, then I am listening to it, because I believe it's for a reason.

I'm proud of HFM and the amazing things this community has accomplished. These two years have been a great learning curve with incredible outcomes! With many events, courses, videos, blogs, mentorships... ahh so and trials of different things! We explored where HFM could go, and ultimately, I made some choices to allow myself and the HFM community to learn in an environment free from advertising, sponsorship or collaborations that were not on par with the integrity I set out for HFM from the beginning. This is probably my favourite achievement; not getting involved with other businesses I felt didn't have our HFM Community's interests at heart. HFM has remained true to the Vision, Mission and Values that I stuck on my office wall when it started. As HFM evolved, it's integrity remained steadfast.

So I'm taking a break now.

I'm still around, though I'm not sure what capacity I will be online. You probably know that I work fulltime, study at uni, am part of various clubs and have an active social life. So I will focus on these things and enjoy a little less of a digital life for a period of time. I'm only a couple subjects from finishing my MBA, which will be an exciting accomplishment after many years of part-time study. I also have some adventures planned - and am excited to be fully present for those moments in my life, without a distraction or wanting to post about it.

You can email me at with any questions, comments - I'm certainly still on email and as always, would be thrilled to hear from you.

Thank you for listening, watching, learning and for saying YES to yourself and your future.

See you soon,

Jemma x

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