• Jemma

I'm setting you some homework!

TODAY'S TASK: Send a BALLSY networking email to that cool chick at work!

Wait - what? Who would send a nice friendly email at work?

This doesn't happen. Work emails are for tasks, business processes and correspondence with HR. Right?

🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 WRONG!!!! 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

You can build GREAT THRIVING RELATIONSHIPS with coworkers through email. And building great relationships is part of your job and seriously important for your future. So start now!

Spend 30 seconds today and email an awesome woman who works in another department. Just to say hi, ask a question, or say thank you.

"Hi Sophie, I'm reaching out to say hello! I have always been curious about how your role fits in with the organisation. Can you tell me a little bit about what you do?"

"Jasmine, it was terrific meeting you the other day at the Sales Training. It's so nice to put a face to the name!"

"Hi Lily, It was great running into you at the elevator yesterday. I got a lot of value from our conversation. Are you available to meet for a coffee sometime? I'd love to know more about how you got to where you are."

Remember - you will get better at this type of things.



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