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HFM Sydney!💄💎 What went down...

Last week was the first HFM event in Sydney... and it was epic!

Firstly, we totally had a killer scene happening... *Closes eyes to reminisce*

Hosted at the heritage listed Torrens Uni, The Rocks Campus, we were next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with stunning views of The Opera House! #TotesWantToMoveIn

Attendees were greeted by delicious food, kombucha and pumping tunes... then we really got into it! It was a brilliant evening full of learning, laughing and dreaming about our futures!

Facilitated by me (Jemma Martin), we ran through how HFM is helping women all over Australia to navigate their professional direction in a safe judgement-free environment. The last 7 months has been a series of trials with incredible feedback and there's much more to come! HFM is making a positive impact to the community and above all, women are taking ownership of their professional futures and planning their next steps. #EveryoneWins

We then discussed the different ways we can get ahead at work. It's certainly not always straight forward (let's say.. the scenic route can be #TheBest!). We all have lots to learn; even the dire situations have some golden moments! ;)

It's about perspective.

The presentation on Business Buzzwords educated attendees on what WTF business people are actually talking about! It empowered everyone to communicate more effectively in the workplace.

Finishing with a technique on how to send confident and concise emails, the ladies left with actionable tools they could use immediately in the workplace.

This event was jam-packed with info - and a fair few of us stayed around afterwards to chat about other professional tips, with real-life examples to back them up! An incredible evening; it was EXCELLENT to meet all of the women who came to this amazing event.

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And.. *drumroll please* - I've just uploaded the private HFM video library to YouTube! So.. all the private videos are currently public (for now!). Take the opportunity to check out what we've been discussing in the private closed FB group... and share it with friends!

As always, I love hearing from you.. drop me a line! xx Jemma

This event was in collaboration with The Alumni Network for Laureate Universities and couldn't have been possible without Anneke Los from The Alumni Network.

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