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HFM's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday Her Future Moves turned 1 year old! 🍾

I started HFM as a support group for women to take ownership of their professional direction and not feel silly or embarrassed when it came to their future.

The purpose was to create a supportive environment that was accessible, affordable and inclusive.

Over the last year it has evolved so much!

I'm thrilled with where HFM is going and what we have achieved already!

Some key milestones:

- 8 Formal Events - 60+ Blogs and Articles - 100+ Videos - Numerous informal catchups (F2F and Online) - Mentorship Facilitation - Online Communities - Much more... (Too much to put here!)

And COMING VERY SOON... the first online course will be released!

To celebrate this 1st Anniversary milestone, I invited some key people who have continuously supported me throughout this past year. We had brunch, talked shop and ate cake!

You see me doing HFM on the daily, however behind the scenes I am encouraged and supported by a team of individuals. Each of them contribute to the magic of this business and the positive impact Her Future Moves has made to women's career directions.

We had a terrific celebration!

Here's to a BRILLIANT first year of Her Future Moves!

Thank you for cheering us on,

xx Jemma Martin

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