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HFM Mentoring is here!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Her Future Moves is trialling Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Programs! WOOHOO!

You likely know HOW AWESOME Mentors are... but how do you meet them?! What do you ask? Who pays for the coffee? Does Mentoring cost money? How long is the time commitment? What if you don't 'click'? Ahhh so many questions!!!!

Her Future Moves believes in helping a sister out and supporting women to kick professional ass 24/7. Don't wait until you've 'made it' to send the proverbial elevator down! Share your knowledge now so we all win!

We are all so busy. It's hard to make time for a Mentor.. but also, in this digital age, it's silly to assume the best mentor is one who lives near you. (Hello, Globalisation!)

So it's natural for us to promote DIGITAL MENTORING here at HFM. Get comfortable meeting someone and building a relationship online. Save time and money by joining the Her Future Moves Mentoring Programs! They're FREE!


Or... both?!?

We have two options for HFM Peer-to-Peer Mentoring:

You can choose either program... or both! Be a Mentor, a Mentee... or both!

Option 1: Group Mentorship THROUGH LINKEDIN

Her Digital Watercooler is one big chatroom on LinkedIn. Articles, videos and discussion questions will be posted. Post a question, comment on the existing posts and get involved in the conversations! Add your friends and colleagues!

Option 2: 1-to-1 Mentorship THROUGH FACEBOOK

The HFM Closed FB Group now has an option for private Mentorship. This is a program facilitated through Facebook Messages. You can opt to be a Mentor or a Mentee and build a relationship with another HFM Community member!


Legalities and Disclaimer: Both of these programs are subject to terms and conditions outlined in the group rules. Please take care when sharing information online. The 1-on1 Mentoring program is facilitated through Facebook and has not been created by Jemma Martin or Her Future Moves. That program is automated by Facebook. I figured it was a cool thing to trial! All content for Mentoring programs are made by the individuals or Facebook or LinkedIn, and neither Jemma Martin or Her Future Moves (HFM) accepts responsibility for the content. Any advice, information or tips provided by Jemma Martin or Her Future Moves is general advice only and individuals must decide if it is right for them and their circumstance. You must take responsibility for your own risk in sharing information with others. Jemma and HFM will take reasonable steps to have inappropriate posts removed. If you engage in goods, services or advice provided by another group member, this relationship is your responsibility and neither Jemma or HFM are liable. You may not post any testimonials or comments that are in breach of the law (for example but not limited to; Copyright infringements, defamation, breach privacy, harm others etc). If you violate these guidelines legal action may be taken. Jemma or HFM may terminate your membership to this communities without notice. Facebook and/or LinkedIn may change or update their privacy agreement, Page, Group or Mentoring program/s at anytime. It is your responsibility to be aware of these changes. It is not the responsibility of Jemma or HFM to advise you of these occurrences and they will not be communicated to you. Any personal information you post will be managed in accordance with Facebook and LinkedIn policies. If you have any questions about this, please contact Her Future Moves is a registered trading name of Lorenza Investments Pty Ltd. Whewwww I hope that covers it!

Be smart when sharing stuff! xx

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