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(DON'T) Quit Your Day Job! - What happened at our HFM Event

Radically different from our Launch Event, this intimate HFM event featured three inspiring female speakers, who shared secrets and tips of their career journeys.

Mudra Trivedi, Gemma Burdon and Jacquie Hall all spoke honestly and candidly.

We laughed, we cried.. we learned all the grittiness that contributed to the successful positions these women are in today.

The best part? It was REAL.

It wasn’t a glossy, fake-news story about a problem that was suddenly overcome by the elusive ‘dream job’. It was authentic sharing, brave and honest. Attendees resonated with the struggles and were provoked to look for opportunities within their current jobs that could help their future career options.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve hated our job and been tempted to give our boss the finger and jump ship for the competitor. Or, perhaps looked for an internal transfer, despite the next job not really fitting in with our career aspirations. Or maybe you don't hate your job.... but it's no longer 'right for you'? Sometimes you want to QUIT your 9-5 without a real plan!

But.. We live in the real world. Where quitting your job isn't always the best answer!

Our 2nd HFM event was all about this feeling.. the awful dilemma of feeling STUCK in an uncomfortable job.

This can quickly lead to a downward spiral – but sometimes it’s exactly these experiences that later work to our advantage! Hearing how others have made strategic moves to help their careers is certainly helpful.

Jemma Martin with event speakers; Jacquie Hall, Gemma Burdon, Mudra Trivedi

I (Jemma Martin) MC'd the event. I began by sharing a little more about HFM, my story and why workplace resilience is going to be increasingly important moving forward, particularly for millennials.

Our first speaker was Mudra Trivedi, who further laid the foundation of our topic by sharing the ‘4 Ps’ that contribute to your workplace happiness: Peers, Position, Pay, and Place. Mudra shared insights and a few shocking experiences she’s encountered within her professional history. Mudra highlighted that it’s been her volunteer experience that has helped her get to the career path she desired, despite her impressive qualifications.

Gemma Burdon was our second speaker, who hilariously shared her story alongside a Spotify playlist. Each song accompanied a high or low from her professional career – truly creative! Gemma discussed seizing the opportunity for additional duties in the workplace, as this may impact your skills and abilities positively at a later date. Gemma also discussed how taking a break from your career to peruse other passions may also reignite a love of your workplace upon your return.

Our final speaker Jacquie Hall, spoke about how she ventured outside of her comfort zone to pursue new experiences. Each time she did this Jacquie was initially petrified, but found that with each calculated risk, she grew both personally and professionally. Jacquie summed up her speech by advising attendees to get a ‘tribe’; peers that support and encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves.

At the conclusion of the speeches, attendees chatted, shared chocolate and got to know each other a little better! Our HFM community is growing and it’s gorgeous to see!

Jacquie Hall, Gemma Burdon and Mudra Trivedi

Check out our next HFM Event.

If you spend too much time wasting brain-cells on Facebook, get brain workout!

Come use your noggin’ for a couple hours – it’ll be like doing the warrior pose with your thought! I promise, you can go back to scrolling Facey afterwards (but you probably won’t want to!).

Our 2nd event was at the Stamford Plaza Adelaide and proudly sponsored by CARPE KOKO!, with special mention to Fat Poppy Coffee Roasters and Foyle + Oak.

CARPE KOKO! delivers mind-bendingly delicious luxury chocolate gift boxes anywhere in Australia. Their exclusive signature collections are designed by Australia’s top chocolatiers and presented in luxury, keepsake packaging. They can custom tailor the perfect gift for you and your company’s needs - connecting and celebrating has never been more personal.

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