• Jemma

Ever heard this STUPID EXCUSE at work???????????

"I'm time-poor."




What am I? Time-rich?! Geez woman! 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯



We all know it and we all hate this ugly truth. 🤡

Why? Well it makes us feel like failures.

But really, scheduling our time at work is a NECESSITY.

It's an art, really. And we have to get it right.

Every time we say YES to something, we are saying BIG FAT NO to something else.

eg, "Yes Zara, I will watch 5 hours of Gilmore Girls with you."


"No big pile of washing, you are not going to get done today."

(Clearly not an example from the workplace.)

Neither of these is better than the other - but they are a CHOICE.

(BTW, Zara is my dog who is addicted to GG harder than every office worker is to fidget spinners.)

The trick is, to figure out what you can handle prior to letting someone down.

Don't take on too much.

You are not TIME POOR.

You want to allocate your 'time resource' elsewhere. And that is 100% okay.

So never use the 'time-poor' line at work. It's unprofesh.

Simply say this, "At this time, Suzie, I cannot take this on with my other commitments and deadlines."

If Suzie is your boss, ask her where this new work falls within your other priorities.

Don't say "I'm too busy" or the dreaded time-poor excuse. You're a grownup and need to control your schedule.


FYI -Don't EVER EVER EVER feel guilty and what you do with your free time. It's YOURS and if you want to laze in the dark all day eating Tim Tams. DO IT.

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