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Empowerment in the Workplace - EVENT RECAP

Our latest workshop, Empowerment in the Workplace, was incredible!

Facilitated by the very talented Culture Team, who also did THIS WICKED HFM EVENT, this session focussed on the skills we use to empower ourselves in the workplace.

Through a range of activities, learning and reflection tasks, we exercised skills commonly used in professional environments, whilst gaining insight into how we can improve ourselves, our processes and our outcomes.

It was full on fun, hilariously funny and above all... applicable to our careers!

We exercised skills such as relationship management, giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict, assessing risk and biases, dealing with fear and failure, influences, decision-making processes, communication skills and HEAPS more.

This four-hour workshop was JAMPACKED with goodies and we left with techniques and frameworks to help keep us sharp and shiny when navigating tough circumstances at work.

It's through hands-on experience that we best develop our professional skillset.

Being in a safe, fun, learning environment was the perfect opportunity to both educate and empower ourselves to step up our confidence for our careers.

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