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Do you Speak Up?

When you see potential issues, do you raise them with you're boss?

It's not as easy as it seems.

One women (Team Leader) told me that she ALWAYS raised potential negative issues, so her boss and team could be prepared.

However, her male colleagues (also a Team Leader) never raised negative issues. She thought he was lazy or oblivious to risk.

Looking back now, she thinks he was playing the Office Politics game! Her colleague was minimising the times that he went to their boss with negative news or insight. This aligned to his 'positive' vibe and also may have made the Boss feel like he was the man with the best ideas.

What do you do when you see potential issues?

Do you speak up?

Does it depend on who the issue affects?

Does it depend on your bosses mood? Your scope? Your job title or the company culture?

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