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⚠️⚠️⚠️ CHANGES AHEAD!!⚠️⚠️⚠️

(Ohmigosh.. no not changes! CHANGES?!?) I hate these!!!

"I lurve change!" said no-one ever.


Change can be the big mother ELEPHANT in the room!

We know it's gotta happen sometimes, but it's easier to complain about it then actually get on board.

Sometimes we can be afraid of change in the workplace and OUR FEARS CAN RESULT BADASS BEHAVIOURS.

This is when we need to GET REAL:

1) Changes in the workplace are a result of necessity. A company isn't making changes just to annoy you. They NEED to do it for the sustainability of the organisation or department. Certain goals need to be met and this change is going to help that. Get on board or get off the bus. (It's a famous saying for a reason!)

2) Your boss didn't just 'decide' one day to make this change. Chances are, they have had other changes thrust upon them. They are doing the best they can. (Even the crappy bosses - which we all know there are HEAPS OF - are doing the best they can).

3) You can make this a career advantage! That's right! GET ON BOARD EARLY and make things EASIER for others. Everyone will love you and you will be the master!

YES. The ugly truth is change can suck. But in the business world... the alternative can be MUCH WORSE.

Stay strong and get buff towards change!


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