• Jemma

CAREER PLANNING should be fun and inspiring!


Like a BIG PARTY for your professional dreams!!


Don't get too bogged down in *how* it's going to happen.

Just start by thinking about what you *wish* to happen.

You can have an action-planning session later.

DREAMS are the first step! 😍

Think about your perfect day. What does it look like?

- What would you be wearing? A chef's hat? A police hat? - How would you feel? Relaxed? Pumped up? - What environment would you be in? Would it be at a desk? In a forest? On a movie set?



Dreaming about your future should always always be super fun and inspiring.

YOU GET TO CREATE IT! You're in charge.

Hey - don't like that? Getting scared? Me too.

It's ok to not know what you want to do.

That's why it's good to dream and actually spend time thinking about it.

So you can figure it out! xx

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