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3 Tips when you need a Sounding Board

When you're thinking through a tough problem, having a Sounding Board can be a helpful tool. This may be a friend, coworker, parent,or teacher; someone who you can speak openly and honestly with about the issue. It should be someone you trust and who will give you a fresh perspective to help you gather your thoughts.

The problem with Sounding Boards is that we may think that the best discussions leave us feeling sure of ourselves and our thought process. That's not true.

The aim of a Sounding Board isn't to help us feel good. It's to offer a fresh perspective. This may feel good, bad, scary or even confusing. And that's ok.

Depending on the situation, a great Sounding Board will challenge you. They help you progress in your thinking so that you can explore new avenues and unlock solutions.

Be careful not to only seek conversation with people who will simply agree with you.

Here's are 3 Tips for the next time you seek a Sounding Board:

- Ask yourself why you want to chat through the issue. Are you really interested in another opinion or are you hoping someone will agree with you?

- Are you asking someone who will likely hold the same perspective as you? For example, a peer or friend? Or are you genuinely looking for fresh eyes on the situation?

- Are you seeking confirmation on something you have already decided because you're feeling insecure? Perhaps the issue isn't that you want to find a solution or fresh perspective, but that you're lacking confidence to back yourself.

Who is your 'go-to' person when you want a fresh perspective?

Do you have a main Sounding Board for professional situations?

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