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3 Lessons from Indra Nooyi - QUEEN OF LIFE

Did you watch the Royal Wedding and hear the blissful sound of glass ceilings breaking ALL OVER THE FREAKING WORLD?!

I know you did.

(And on the off-chance you didn’t, you at least saw your newsfeed catch the equivalent of the Man-Flu in Royal Propaganda.)

Well it sounded a hell of a lot like the day Indra Nooyi became the CEO of PepsiCo.

Wait. WHO THE EFF is Indra Nooyi and why should we care?

Isn’t she the chick from Gossip Girl?

YES!!!! She is! Indra is soo freaking amazing that she was the woman Blair wanted to intern for in Season 4 Episode 12 (but who remembers the details.. really).

Indra Nooyi is this fantastic woman right here, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.

And much like Meghan Markle, Indra is an incredible female leader, blazing trails and kicking butt in a world of rules and killer adversity.

Some facts about Indra Nooyi:

- Born in Madra (now, Chennai), India – Now the CEO of American Company PepsiCo! WTF!

- Attended all girls Catholic Convent School – really.

- Is a total badass, was a guitarist in all girls band! Take that!

- She’s 62 and NEVER PLANNED TO BE CEO. Just kept on truckin’ her way to the C-suite.

This week I listened to an awesome interview between Indra Nooyi and Stephen J Dubner.

(Yes, see I’ve become one of those chicks who tunes into ‘serious-people interviews’ so I can get all the good bits out and share them here with you…)


1) “There are things we are not good at. If a start-up company is better at doing personalized nutrition, the question, is how do we partner with them to best deliver personalized nutrition?”

That’s right. We women are soooo good at thinking we have to be the best at EVERYTHING but it’s a big bowl of baloney. We don’t. Indra knows that partnering with other people is the key to success, THIS WAY WE CAN ALL WIN. If you’re good at Finance and Janey is good at Graphic Design, get Janey to help with your posters and you can help with her Balance Sheet. Win / win.

2) "I don’t play competitive tennis. I have a pro, and I just hit with the pro because at this point I have no time to go play in the league."

This one sounds like a euphemism but it’s not (hehe). Indra actually plays tennis for an hour each morning – but she’s not trying to be the next Wimbledon champion!

Tennis isn’t “something she’s trying to accomplish” – it’s part of her lifestyle. Sometimes we feel guilty that we ‘should' be doing something more, eg: If we like to paint – we should be trying to be a famous painter. THAT’S PRESSURE WE PUT ON OURSELVES!

(Sidenote; can you imagine Indra and Anna Wintour having a tennis match together? Both are famous for enjoying tennis in the morning. Something I’d kill to see!)

3) “There’s no question it’s lonely, but you’ve got to create your own ecosystem, and your own kitchen cabinet, so you can sort of alleviate some of the loneliness without giving away any confidential information.”

CEOs, like Indra, admit it’s lonely at the top – but they get around this by meeting like-minded companions to share the journey in a safe place.

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You can check out more of Indra’s amazing interview at Freakonomics Radio.

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