• Jemma

3 Extra-Benefits of LinkedIn

Updated: May 28, 2019

I waited too long to get on LinkedIn.

I was SILLY and thought, "What's the point in having it?"

My excuses were:

- I'm not looking for a new job

- I'm don't want to meet new business people right now

- I'll join when I'm in a better more 'professional' role

But the reality is - LinkedIn helped me with professional skills in SO MANY WAYS!

Such as:

- Exposure to new ideas and points of view

- Gaining confidence in expressing my opinions through group discussions and comments

- Learning about new industries and what's happening in my own industry

- Seeing an online professional version of myself, opposed to just 'social' versions on FB or Instagram

Check out the below video that was posted to the Her Future Moves Community.

Go on - start your profile and get comfortable communicating online!


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