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Her Future Moves is a place for discussion, questions and advice around your career and/or professional development.


We're all friends here, so no questions are too silly! We're just a bunch of kick ass women, trying to figure it out.

Our Facebook Community Group is a great place to help you navigate the workplace:

  • Regular live-videos with tips and techniques to help you kick ass on the daily

  • Sign up for a Mentor (or offer to be one!). It’s easy and free (more info here)

  • Read the threads, engage with posting and join in the conversation

  • Share your wins! Support women to be awesome!


Our LinkedIn Group is a place for questions and discussions around what’s happening in your professional world:

  • Read the Posts and comment with your thoughts

  • Post an article, ask a question, seek feedback

  • Add any content you see on LinkedIn that could help the Community thrive

  • What’s going on awesome for you? Share your stories with us!

Her Future Moves Discussion Group

for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

This Facebook Group helps us work through the crazy rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

  • For ladies who have their own business (or want to!) and/or like being inspired by kickass entrepreneurs

  • Hear something inspiring or helpful? Share it here

  • Watch videos about entrepreneurial learnings (the struggle is real)

  • Support business owners and entrepreneurs to keep going

We have so much to learn from each other! It's quite exciting to see new people joining and commenting! 

Please feel free to add your friends or co-workers too!

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