About HFM:

If you want a kick-ass career in the future, then Her Future Moves is for you!

Her Future Moves offers advice, support and events for Women's Professional Development.


For women who want more in life but are still figuring it out. It's the supportive fairy-godmother you always wanted!


You may be entering (or re-entering) the workforce, or in an entry-level job and dream of creating a career.


Maybe you're thinking of switching industries and starting all over again?


Perhaps you feel a little left behind, too many years have passed since highschool and you're not sure what to do now....or, you just like career-related inspo!


Whatever the reason, the best investment you'll ever make is in yourself - so add some extra knowledge in your noggin' and get inspired for your future.


Our Vision Statement

To educate and empower women to take ownership of their career direction, so they may have the futures they want.

Our Mission Statement

To provide accessible, affordable and inclusive professional development, so women may have greater employment options.

Our Values

Learning - We acknowledge and respect the process of learning and self-growth.

Faith - We have faith in ourselves, our capabilities and our future selves.

Community - We support each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Fun - We enjoy our lives and are excited by our futures.

Inclusiveness - We relish our diversity and harness our individual strengths.


Who is Jemma Martin?

Me! I'm Jemma! Welcome to HFM!

So clearly I am passionate about women's professional development. Let me tell you why...


I'll share a little about me (so you know I'm real!). I'm an Adelaide girl who found herself at 27 years old with no real career direction. I felt I had no skills, no qualifications and no future.


And.. (here's the silly part) I honestly thought I was a little too old to do something about it.  THAT IS CRAZY!


I started getting scared that if I didn't do something asap, I'd seriously reduce my working options in the future.


I started researching online, going to MeetUps, reading books and really taking ownership of my future. My life DRASTICALLY CHANGED.

Now, I'm in my early 30s and I really love my professional self. I have skills, qualifications and experience and much greater career options for the future.


But when I was going through it all (the highs, the lows), I didn't have many people to talk to about it. I felt alone, over-the-hill (I know, cray cray) and like I wasn't going anywhere. I felt silly too, like everyone else knew things I didn't.


I know that there are women who feel the same way. Now I want to help these women. I want to support others to think about their future selves, be inspired and take ownership of their professional direction.

Contact me at jemma@herfuturemoves.com with comments or feedback, or just to say hi!

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