She's Got a Killer Job!

(but what does she actually do?)

Thursday 27 September 2018

The Wakefield Hotel, 76 Wakefield Street

Adelaide, South Australia

Do you ever look at crazy successful women and wonder, how the hell did they get there?!!!


Are these women really normal people who have bad days like me? If so, what do those bad days actually look like?

And what EXACTLY do these ladies do? I understand they are busy and oversee people and important things.. but like.. what exactly are they really doing?

This isn’t just a chance to hear straight from the mouths of these phenomenal ladies; this is a chance to think about your next steps and get advice to plan your future moves.


So jump in quick and secure your place! Why not meet some girlfriends after work and all come together for a fun, inspiring evening?

Our Speaker Panel:

 - Catherine Roach (Manager, Advisory at Bentleys)

 - Noelle Smit (Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer, Teamgage)

 - Tara Bria (Head of The Studio, Southern Cross Austereo)

Facilitator: Jemma Martin (Founder, Her Future Moves)

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